Professional Certifications

Launch your career in the world of Tech or Business.

Our professional Certifications in a nutshell

Learn at your own pace

If you plan to work, travel or have family responsibilities, our online programmes have part-time study options that allow you to do both. you can study at your own pace, earning diplomas in just 4-8 months, or nanodegrees in 1-2 months.

Study Model

Our programs are conducted 100% online with the guidance of our instructors through various collaborative tools or in our spaces.

Career Services

After the training, our career team will assist you in preparing for your job search and finding the job that you are passionate about.

Join a Global Community

Be part of a diverse, multicultural, international university community of students, teachers and academics right from the comfort of your living room! This helps you expand your network and place you with better connections for jobs, around the world.

Who is eligible?

To access this program, candidates must meet the following prerequisites:

Age :

At least 16 years old

Academic level :

No academic prerequisites are mandatory

Language :

A2 - B1 in English language minimum (intermediate level).

Equipment :

A computer (PC or Mac). Also, you need to be the administrator of your computer to be able to install additional programs.

Our Professional Certifications

  • Nanodegrees
  • Diplomas

A Unique Immersive Experience

A project-oriented program

We believe effective training requires intensive practice. Each learning path includes multiple projects and exercises, culminating in a final project.

Personalized Guidance

Our instructors play a vital role in our students' success. They provide personalized support throughout the training, conduct interactive workshops to facilitate the assimilation and application of course content, and hold individual interviews at the end of each chapter to assess each student's progress in a personalized manner.

Rich and Interactive Content

We adopt practical learning approaches, ensuring that the skills you acquire during our training are applicable to real-world challenges. Our hybrid learning methodology utilizes interactive tools and emphasizes case studies to combine theoretical knowledge with professional applications, helping you advance your career.

An Educational Platform

Think of the app as your personal digital library. It contains all the courses you're taking. Our interactive online platform is designed not only to make your learning flexible and comfortable but also optimized – we've created it to help you maximize your learning experience and provide you with the best opportunity to succeed in each course.

Career Services

IU Career Office

Our career service is here for you from day one, offering an exclusive range of services to guide you towards achieving your professional ambitions.

  • Connect with recruiters
  • Periodic career days
  • Job search training sessions

They recruit from among our graduates ​

More than 100 hiring partners and lots of cool recruiting events.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hybrid model combines the benefits of online learning with those of in-person learning. Our students can take courses that are 100% online at their own pace, with the guidance of our instructors in our spaces and through various collaborative tools.

It depends on the chosen program. Our programs can last from 16 to 32 weeks for Diplomas and from 4 to 8 weeks for Nanodegrees.

We launch a new session every month.

Our instructors are world-renowned professors from the International University of Applied Sciences, Germany, as well as coaches selected based on their technical and pedagogical expertise. They monitor and validate students’ progress, provide assistance, and mentor them throughout the program. We maintain a ratio of 10 students per instructor.

We provide “Diplomas” with 20 ECTS credits* and “Nanodegree Certificates” with 5 ECTS credits upon completion of the training. Our Diplomas and Nanodegrees are recognized by companies worldwide.

Completing your final project and showcasing it in your portfolio are also necessary conditions to obtain your certificate.

(*) ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits are a standardized measure of academic achievement used in European higher education. They represent the workload and learning outcomes of a course, facilitating credit transfer and comparison of study programs.

It is possible in some cases to pursue a master’s degree after completing a diploma programme. However, this depends on the diploma programme and the kind of master’s degree programme you are interested in. However, you should keep in mind that typically, a diploma may not always be sufficient for admission to all master’s programmes.